Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I obtain the Warranty Service for my Growl Audio Head unit?

A: Please call (02) 553-5071 or (02) 801-2320 to set an appointment and specify the problem of the head unit. Once the appointment is set, please make sure to bring the warranty card with the receipt of the product to check if the product is still under warranty period. All customers who fail to bring the warranty card and receipt will not be able to obtain the free warranty service.

Note: All customers can only obtain ONE free warranty service per product.

Q: My product is no longer under warranty, can I still get the product repaired?

A: All Growl Audio Products can still be repaired even it’s no longer under the warranty period. You need to call (02) 553-5071 or (02) 801-2320 to set an appointment. In-house technicians will check the problem of the unit and will give you the quotation before starting the repair service.

Q: I want my map to be updated, do I need to pay?

A: All offline map updates are FREE. To get an update, you can contact our sales representatives at (+63) 905-295-0093 or email us at

Q: Is my car warranty will be void once Growl Audio Head unit is installed?

A: No. Our technicians don’t splice wires. All our head units are plug and play.

Q: What is the difference of Android Head unit to Windows CE?

A: Android Head Unit has 4x faster processor speed with its 1.6 ghz dual core that is really good for multitasking. All Growl Audio android head units can read up to 1TB portable hard drive, 1080p HD videos and movies. It also has a multi touch capacitive touch screen. Growl Audio head unit has internet access so you can enjoy the advantage of downloading android applications or updating status on your social media accounts while you’re on the road.

While Windows CE based head units has slower processor speed, can only read 8-16 gb USB drive. It can only read 480p avi or mp4 format of videos and movies. It only has a resistive type of touch screen, and can’t connect to the internet.