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Growl was first introduced by SmartTrade Ventures Enterprises in 2008. In 2012 Growl started to develop its own R&D and build partnership with an off-shore business partner and became a fully business registered corporation in 2013 - GROWL CORPORATION. In 2015 Growl was approved for publication by IPO and was able to establish GROWL Cebu. After years of dedication and R&D GROWL was able to introduce to the market two new products, GATEKEPPER & OPTIC DRIVE in 2016-2017. After a year Growl was able to establish yet another branch in Davao City. Finally, after continuous development and betterment of products and services, today Growl was able to establish The Growl Eton Cetris QC and Growl La Union.

Growl Audio differentiates itself from the competition by continuously incorporating advanced technology, service excellence into the fabric of its culture to consistently exceed existing industry standards for quality products.

In-house design, R&D, and manufacturing under one roof enable Growl to deliver unprecedented quality at fair prices. Unlimited by design constraints and boosted by years of experience in manufacturing its own drive units, Growl can offer the latest technologies which provide a lifetime of esthetic and listening pleasure for our customers.

Growl’s range of components and component systems caters to every car audio need. Innovation does not end on one car brand alone. Growl dedicated years of R&D to provide unique technologies that overcome the limitations of car audio and offer exceptional performance.

Growl Audio continues to aim for excellence and innovation aiming to provide more than just a car audio but a satisfying driving experience.


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